Four Colour Thoughts – Generations Forged #1

The Creators — Dan Jurgens, Robert Venditti, Andy Schmidt – Writers; Mike Perkins, Marco Santucci, Paul Pelletier, Norm Rapmund, Bernard Chang, Joe Prado, Colleen Doran, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Dan Jurgens, Kevin Nowlan – Artists; Hi-Fi – Colours, Tom Napolitano – Letters

The Players — Kamandi, Batman (Earth-Two), Booster Gold, Doctor Light, Sinestro, Skeets, Starfire, Steel, Superboy (Earth-One), Dominus, Linear Men

The Story — Dominus looks to find his own slice of happiness by destroying the rest of time.

The Take — Following up on Generations Shattered, the heroes gathered by Kamandi have been thrown through time, marooned by Dominus and left to die as time is slowly being destroyed. The heroes not only need to find a way back but they need to go through the various members of the Linear Men whom Dominus have sent back to ensure their deaths. It is a battle to survive on multiple fronts and yet, being the heroes they are, they manage to survive and soon enough, all gather together once more in order to confront the big bad. As for Dominus, he simply wants to spend time with his family in his own little timeline and he seems happy to be there with them. There are the occasional cracks though that end up appearing throughout his little experiment and it is not long before he has to deal with those he thought he had rid himself of. In this concluding chapter, much like the first book, it ended up being highly entertaining and a well-put-together package by a large bevy of creators helmed by Dan Jurgens, Robert Venditti and Andy Schmidt. Despite the large number of artists involved, one might assume that it would be an uneven, shoddy mess of an issue and yet, everything would flow smoothly with each artist complementing each other quite well. As for the story, it continues off of that last book with this very strange assemblage of heroes and yet, they would end up working well together with the highlight of the bunch being the scenes involving Steel and Superboy. The two have good chemistry and they add a few lighthearted feels to the book, enough to make the reader smile which makes for a good break in the middle of it all before it finally gets back to the business at hand. It all ends as one would expect but it does introduce at least one particular aspect that has been hitting the news sites of late, which is called the Linear timeline. How much this will play into things going forward in the DC Universe obviously remains to be seen while overall, Generations Shattered and Generations Forged made for a fun and exciting read sure to please those who pick them up.

Worth It? — Yes.

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