Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #8

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Jack Sparling

It is just another day in N’Yark when Samson hears a strange voice calling him. It is a call that he cannot ignore and it finds him being pulled inexorably along towards wherever it is coming from. That just so happens to be somewhere north and so it is that Sharmaine and Mindor go along with him, the call affecting them as well. Along the way, they battle a couple of giant creatures, mutated by the radiation over the years and even so, Samson is able to defeat them as if they posed little threat. Other people have heard the same voice and Mindor wonders if it is like some migratory signal being heard the world over. All they can do at the moment is follow it and so that is exactly what they do as they pass first into what used to be Canada and soon into the Arctic Circle. Food shortages and clothing for those that head in the same direction are soon provided by Samson so that there are no casualties, at least those that can be helped and as they arrive at the source, they discover it to be a giant, irradiated rock, stuck in the ice as it sends out its siren song. Readers will not be shocked to find out That Mindor has a plan to take care of it and it involves a lot of planning and a bit of old-fashioned science, no to mention Samson’s incredible muscles but if it all goes according to the way Mindor thinks it will, everyone will be free to return home sooner rather than later. Otto Binder weaves a spellbinding tale, one different from the usual type of story that is featured in the book and it is refreshing to see something a little off the beaten path even if a few of the same tropes still make their way into the pages. Of course, this post-apocalyptic world is filled with monsters and there is no chance that the companions would not encounter some along the way and it is good to see Jack Sparling’s imagination on full display as he brings Binder’s script to life. Issue after issue, Mighty Samson continues to be both a silly book and a fun one and hopefully, it remains just that.

3.5 out of 5

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