Issue by Issue – Infinity Inc. #13

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Don Newton
Inker – Joe Rubinstein
Colours – Adrienne Roy, Anthony Tollin
Letters – John Clark

This issue finds a few of the Infinitors heading out on vacation, namely Fury, Silver Scarab, Nuklon and Jade. They hit up a deserted island for a little fun in the sun and that is exactly what they do with Nuklon feeling like the odd man out as everyone else seems to like to swim in the nude while he does not. Author Roy Thomas lets the team relax for a bit but the issue would not be complete without a little tension and adversity and that comes in the form of a mysterious woman named Rose who sits with them at their fire while they talk about their nightmares. For Rose, it is about her sister, though she does not have one and in said dream it finds her sister acting crazy after being pricked with a thorn. Having left the island many moons past, Rose has returned to look for her though it sounds ridiculous and after she leaves to go back to her hut for the night, it is not long before the team finds themselves under attack by that sister who calls herself The Thorn. It is Nuklon who notices that something is wrong and yet, even with all his power, he finds himself outmatched. With Jade being held captive, the rest of the team jumps in to help out but Thorn is powerful and they find themselves on the defensive. Eventually, it all boils down to Nuklon saving the day though Thorn gets away and as the team leaves the island, they bring Rose along with them, the woman having been alone for far too long on a seemingly foolish quest. This was a fun issue with a lot of good character work involving Nuklon for the most part, though Jade gets a few moments to shine as well. There is a neat bit during the opening of the book where Marvel Comics is thanked for the loan of Joe Rubinstein in the credit box and there is a bit of spoilage on the last page as it is spoiled that Rose and Thorn are one and the same, which was easy enough to guess for most readers but it was a spoiler nonetheless. Altogether, a vast improvement over the previous issue.

3.5 out of 5

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