Issue by Issue – Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld Vol.2 #13

Writer – Keith Giffen, Robert Loren Fleming
Artist – Ernie Colón
Inker – Karl Kesel
Colours – Tatjana Wood
Letters – Agustin Mas

In a strange, world-changing post-Crisis or to be more accurate, Crisis-adjacent issue, Doctor Fate is taking Amethyst back home to Gemworld after events during Crisis has left her blind. It is an entirely new ball game as plotter Keith Giffen and writer Robert Loren Fleming come on board and they do so by changing everything everyone knows about Amethyst and her origins, whether to simply make their mark on the book or to give what they think is an interesting story, it is definitely a different beast. As it goes, all that Citrina told Amethyst about who she is and about her parents and so forth was only one version of the truth with there being an entirely different side to it all. It finds her parents living in a fortress and not Castle Amethyst, Lord Amethyst calling forth a Lord of Order named Pantagones for help when things got tough and that very same Lord of Order falling in love with Lady Amethyst even though such godly beings are forbidden to do so. Lord Amethyst falls in battle with a Lord of Chaos who was called forth by Dark Opal, the combined might of the two enough to kill both man and god while leaving behind a pregnant Lady Amethyst. The baby, soon to be known as Amy Winston, just might be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, at least according to Doctor Fate what with her being a Lord of Order herself now, something Citrina casually forgot to inform her of. The story of her parent’s demise is also clarified, it being a partial truth as well and it is heartbreaking, to say the least for Amethyst, hearing all of these things while she learns to cope with her blindness. For readers who have followed this book from the beginning, the changes that are introduced are sudden and somewhat strange as they seem to have come out of nowhere. Whether they will be for the better remains to be seen as the book continues on but at the moment, at least in this particular issue, it is hard to see what they add aside from a power-shift in Amethyst’s abilities.

3 out of 5

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