Four Colour Thoughts – Morbius: Bond of Blood #1

The Creators – Ralph Macchio – Writer, Tom Reilly – Artist, Chris O’Halloran – Colours, Ariana Maher – Letters

The Players – Morbius, Mr. Hyde

The Story – Morbius looks to cure the son of his old friend Emil Nikos and to do so requires a deal with a devil.

The Take – There are clearly not enough comics featuring Morbius out in the world and so it is thankful that Marvel released this one-shot featuring the character as written by Ralph Macchio and drawn by Tom Reilly. Reilly does a great job bringing it to life, his work both cartoonish and horrific, a perfect blend that really conveys the emotion of the story that Macchio is trying to tell. As for that story, it is a good one, enthralling and sad as Morbius not only recounts the tragedy of his origin but deals with the ultimate fate of Christos Nikos, the son of his oldest friend – a man he murdered many moons ago. All seems hopeless in the story that Macchio tells until that is that Morbius overhears the doctor talking at the hospital about a possible cure that one Dr. Zabo had been working on at one point in time. Morbius grabs ahold of that tiny sliver as he knows Zabo and knows too that his alter-ego is the one and only Mr. Hyde and that anything could go wrong should he seek him out. So he does anyways, the risk worth the possible reward and as one might guess, in the end, everything does not go according to plan. Macchio packs the book full of drama, much like many of the old monster magazines that Marvel used to put out decades ago and it definitely has a very retro vibe to it even though it was written today. Macchio understands Morbius quite well and it shows both in the dialogue and the tone of the book and should an ongoing ever materialize once again, having Macchio on board would not be a bad thing. The book would go on to end in tragedy with Morbius battling Mr. Hyde and coming out on top, though the victory would be bittersweet as it would accomplish nothing except to vent the grief and rage welling inside of him. A good book well worth the money.

Worth It? – Yes.


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