Issue by Issue – Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld Vol.2 #12

Writer – Mindy Newell
Artist – Colleen Doran
Inker – Karl Kesel
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – Agustin Mas

Taking a break from the ongoing story by the book’s regular creative team, the twelfth issue of the series finds Mindy Newell and Colleen Doran step in to tell a fun little tale in the meantime. It finds Amy back on Earth and heading out for a babysitting gig and it is there that she decides to tell the twin children a story before bed and what better story to tell than one of her adventures on the Gemworld. If finds her alter-ego Amethyst and Prince Topaz out and about when they come across her friend and servant Laral who has been infected with Black Onyx, her body slowly being taken over by it until she finally becomes immobile and dies. Amethyst is beside herself with worry and aims to do something about it with Topaz vowing to aid her in any way that he can. He explains the situation to her, of how Citrina probably knew about it and though Amethyst has all of her mentor’s knowledge, she does not know how to cure this disease. So it is that the two decide to go and talk to the emissaries of Varn as they know of a way to cure said condition and it is a perilous trip that takes them through the heart of the sun itself. Newell and Doran do a good job with the characters, with readers being the winners on this occasion as the book is not just a fill-in with no consequences, the story pushing forward the new relationship between Amethyst and Topaz for one as well as Amethyst’s confidence continuing to grow with each new adventure. Doran’s artwork is superb and if Ernie Colón were not on the book, she would make the perfect replacement. As it turns out, Newell gives everyone a happy ending which is the way things should end in a tale such as this and it also gives Amy back on Earth something to think about, namely Topaz and should he still have feelings for her beyond those of friendship. As for what is in store, there are no hints given but no matter who is at the helm, it should be worth tuning in for.

3.5 out of 5

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