Death Will Not Stop Him – Ninja III: The Domination (1984)

Ninja III: The Domination has those qualities that make for a perfect film – a killer ninja, possession, action, murder, romance and Shô Kosugi. All of it manages to turn this movie into an incredible viewing experience, one that entertains from beginning to end and a picture that one could easily watch a hundred times over and never grow tired of.

The insanity begins when a ninja ends up facing down a horde of cops after eliminating his target on a golf course. After killing what seems to be twenty or thirty cops, the ninja is eventually taken down and succumbs to the many gunshots in his body though not before he runs into Lucinda Dickey, leaving behind his sword and a piece of himself. Dickey plays Christie and soon she begins to lose time, not realizing that the dead ninja is taking over her body and killing those responsible for killing him. Standing in his way are two men, a cop named Billy Secord as played by Jordan Bennett and the aforementioned Kosugi, an old foe of the ninja.

The action in this film is nearly non-stop and whether it is Dickey or Kosugi in the scene, it never lacks for the viewer’s attention. What is most interesting is the fact that writer James R. Silke and director Sam Firstenberg did such a good job that Kosugi is a secondary character to all that is going on and the movie is not hurt by it in the least. One would normally expect the man to take center stage, especially with material dealing with ninjas and the like and yet, Bennett and Dickey do a great job as the leads and so much so that one does not even miss Kosugi until he shows up later in the film. When the man does though, it means business, just like the eye-patch the man wears and the final battle has to be seen to be believed.

Out of the three Ninja movies in the trilogy, none of which have anything to do with the other, Ninja III: The Domination is the best of the bunch as it goes all-out, filled with innumerable fight sequences, a bit of horror, just a touch of romance and of course, a lot of cheese, a lot of that simply from taking place in the 1980s and all that comes with it. If one is looking to see what happens when a nearly unstoppable, unkillable ninja does when he finally loses, this film is the perfect movie for them and those that love the action genre.

4.5 out of 5

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