Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #6

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Frank Thorne

Strange meteors are falling from the sky and of course, Mindor is curious as to what they might be. It is soon discovered that they are ancient satellites that have been orbiting Earth for generations and now, for whatever reason, they are crashing down to the surface. The technology fascinates Mindor but the danger they represent when falling is great and while the companions do not know what to do, they know that something must be done. Author Otto Binder soon reveals the cause of the danger and it is none other than Terra, the so-called Queen of Jerz and when Samson and his friends run into her, they are at first confrontational and for good reason but Terra has a plan she says and she needs their help to put a stop to it all. As readers might expect, she remains a villain with ill intentions and her ultimate goal is soon exposed – to be the queen of all she surveys including N’Yark and should Samson, Mindor and Sharmaine fail to acquiesce, then she will use an ancient weather satellite weapon to rain down terror upon the city until they do. So do the companions agree to her terms, at least for the moment and they head out with Terra so that she might claim Mindor’s computer. Danger follows them and it is only because of Samson that they fail to die and when he spurns Terra’s advances again much like he did in the past, she leaves him and Sharmaine to fend for themselves while she heads back to her base. As she rejoins Mindor, scheming all the while, spores that must have attached themselves to one of the fallen satellites come to life and begin to form a strange creature that acts like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up everything in its path. The more it consumes the larger it grows and as Terra and Mindor flee, her entire base is destroyed by the monster and Terra is left with nothing. This leaves it all up to Samson who must somehow defeat the monster, one that is now the largest creature on the planet and so with a little help from his friends, he does just that. Binder writes a fantastically fun tale, one that is both completely out of this world and yet cannot help but please those who peruse its pages. Frank Thorne continues to chronicle the post-apocalyptic settings of this time period through his pencils which delight and amaze with each new creation that might spring forth from the mind of its author. When all is said and done, it makes for a great package and a worthy read.

4 out of 5

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