Not the Party They Expected – Rave Party Massacre (2017)

Rave Party Massacre is a slasher that finds a couple going to a rave, doing a bit of dancing, meeting a couple of people and then finding themselves on opposite sides in an abandoned hospital after the party is over. While some might say the party is just beginning, they would be wrong as the film trudges along in familiar territory, viewers thinking they would be getting something new and sadly, not.

Also known as DeadThirsty, director and the visionary Jason Winn, the man behind it all, would sow the seeds of trying to do something original, weaving in conspiracy theories and the like but it would never really work and turn out to be very uneven and exceptionally long at seventy-seven minutes. It all might have worked if the man had brought better writers on board to flesh out that idea into something more tangible, making the motivations for the killings more palpable for the audience. The rave setting was a good idea and perhaps should have been featured a little more than it was with less of the hospital, though if they had done something different, that too could have worked.

There was a bit of violence and a bit of blood but it was uninteresting and not exciting in the least thereby leaving the audience cold when it did take place. The acting was not up to par even for a B film and while credit has to be given for everyone trying their best both in front and behind the camera, Rave Party Massacre was a disappointment at the end of the day and a movie best forgotten to the sands of time.

1 out of 5

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