Four Colour Thoughts – Fear Case #1

The Creators – Matt Kindt – Writer, Tyler Jenkins – Artist, Hilary Jenkins – Colours

The Players – Agent Winters, Agent Mitchum

The Story – The Secret Service has a case that has been passed down for generations, going to each set of new recruits who have one year to solve it. Nobody has solved it.

The Take – At this point in time, one has to expect only the best out of Matt Kindt and Fear Case is just that and he brings along one of his former collaborators Tyler Jenkins to tell the tale. Readers are introduced to Winters and Mitchum, two men who are partners in the Secret Service and two men who are working a case that is quite unique in nature. Said case actually involves a literal case, one that has passed from person to person all over the world throughout a good chunk of history. It is a case that is cursed though just what that curse entails is not fully explained, only that death follows it and once in possession, the owner must pass it on within a certain amount of time to the person they hate the most. Should the person forget to do so, it will go to the one they love the most, all the bad things that come with it included. It is a fascinating bit of lore that Kindt presents, mixed in horror and mystery and the fact that he ties it to one of America’s oldest institutions in the form of the Secret Service make it even more so. As for the leads of the book, Winters and Mitchum are not only partners but friends and they have a good back and forth banter which makes the book a lot of fun. They even celebrate the anniversary of their partnership and it makes the reader wonder if this is going to last as one can see this story getting pretty dark as it goes along. The artwork by Jenkins is fantastic, the man outdoing himself once more and it is good to see him on yet another book, specifically with Kindt as they seem to be a team that works well together no matter the subject. The book dark in its subject matter and Jenkins along with colourist Hilary Jenkins represent that artistically as well. Altogether, this book makes a strong first showing and it is one that manages to capture enough of the imagination to warrant coming back for more.

Worth It? – Yes.

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