Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #5

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Frank Thorne

Dangerous geysers are appearing throughout N’Yark through which poisonous gases are making their way to the surface and for those that come into contact with them, it means death. So it is that Mindor, Samson and Sharmaine look to try and somehow deal with them when a mysterious stranger appears floating on a giant leaf down the Huz’on river. His tale is much like everyone else’s in this world, his home having been destroyed by forces beyond his control but he knows all about the science of old and so he and Mindor start working together to find a solution to their current problem. As it is, everything that they try fails and worse than that, every time that they look to use one of their experiments, a monstrous creature called Oggar appears and he is a perfect match for Samson when it comes to strength, thus leading Samson to use his a bit of trickery in order to defeat said creature. Author Otto Binder paints a bit of a mystery with this tale, though it is easy enough for the reader to figure out just what is going on. Watching the team trying to stop both the radioactive fissures and Oggar at the same time is quite entertaining, more so for the fact that the book is filled with more fantastical monsters than ever before, not including the villainous Oggar. It all begins with a creature called the Gulping Blob, an aquatic grotesquerie followed by the Rolling Monster, the Giant Dryland Clam, the Magnetic Eye Monster, the Liquid Beast and a Flying Swordfish – all of which Samson eventually makes short work of. If there is one thing that the title excels at, it is capturing the attention and the imagination of the readers who pick it up and thanks to Frank Thorne, they can see it come to life upon the page. As for the man named Vaxar, though he wanted to do good, it seems that Oggar was simply too powerful for him and he is yet another casualty to the current climate in N’Yark. With that, all is well that ends well and Mindor is able to seal up the geysers around the city with his newfound laser without any further interference.

4 out of 5

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