More Paint than Blood – Paintball Massacre (2020)

If one looks hard enough, there is always another massacre film to be had and 2020 would see the release of Paintball Massacre, a British offering featuring both paintball and a massacre.

While the film is obviously a low-budget effort, the production values at the very least are quite good and the movie looks great. As for the rest, some will love it and some will not. Watching people play paintball on the big screen, or small screen should it be, is like watching golf. If one plays golf, one is sure to appreciate it more. The same can be said of paintball because if one does not play it at all, it ends up being quite tedious and this film, even should a person love paintball more than anything, ended up wearing out its welcome quite quickly. If the running time had been cut in half, that might have helped it out and yet it simply kept going and going, not knowing where to stop.

The running time itself might not have been so bad if writer Chris Regan had cut down on the chatter from the cast and upped the ‘massacre’ quotient. Being bold enough to stick the word massacre in the title of one’s film means there is going to be some blood and guts and gore and all the goodness that comes with that and yet, there was very little and it was extremely tame when it eventually reared its head. There were a few bodies, a stabbing and more but it was not enough to sate any horror fan’s palette much less those who were looking for something far more than what this film would deliver. As for the cast, they were what most would expect and while not the biggest of names – none being especially recognizable, they did a decent job of it.

As for the humour, of which this was supposed to be part comedy, it fell fairly flat which also tended to make the picture seem far longer than it was. Taking everything into account, there was a recipe for greatness to be had, Paintball Massacre simply failed to do so and thus ended up being a poor massacre indeed.

1.5 out of 5

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