Four Colour Thoughts – Red Sonja: The Superpowers #1

The Creators – Dan Abnett – Writer, Jonathan Lau – Artist, Andrew Dalhouse – Colours, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou – Letters

The Players – Red Sonja, Captain Future, Vana, Mr. Raven, The Sword

The Story – Red Sonja has been sent to stop a sorcerer named Skarab Nor and along the way runs into some very strange strangers.

The Take – Over the last number of years, Dynamite has had everyone and their dog teaming up with Red Sonja and for the most part, those crossovers have been a lot of fun. In this particular tale, it continues Dan Abnett’s tale from Vampirella: The Dark Powers of a superpowered team made up of metahumans from all sorts of realities and now those heroes have ended up on Red Sonja’s particular Earth in what they deem a less than advanced time they are used to and essentially, unknowingly, in her path. That of course leads to conflict and said heroes will find that it is not going to turn out as they might expect. There is a fair bit of action where Sonja fights numerous brigands in addition to these heroes from far-off and as such, it tends to fly by pretty quick which is not a bad thing. It wastes no time in setting up the reason for why Sonja is where she is and why she believes these visitors are evil wizards or worse and once they come into contact with each other, it is more than sparks that fly. Abnett writes a fun script and the book never lacks from being interesting. The concept of Plurals and the interdimensional team of metahumans is a great idea and can obviously work in any book with any concept no matter how outlandish. The choice of heroes is intriguing as well and may not be familiar to all, those being Captain Future from Nedor Comics in the 1940s, Mr. Raven and the Sword from Ace Comics during the same time period and finally Vana – an Antaclean woman who premiered way back in 1939. Though not all of them seem to make it out alive by the end of this first issue, hopefully, this is not the end of their presence in the title or at the very least, it would be nice to see them spin-off into their own. Altogether a great package with some extremely good pencils from Jonathan Lau who truly outdoes himself with this book.

Worth It? – Yes.

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