Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #3

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Frank Thorne

The book opens with Samson and his friends scavenging for food amongst the ruins of N’Yark when Samson is suddenly attacked by a giant spider. While it is quickly defeated, the companions notice a strange cloud overhead, one of poisonous properties that is killing anything that comes into contact with it. While they look for shelter, Samson is attacked once again and must defeat the deadly Double-Snake before finally finding a place to hide out. Otto Binder then introduces a new character to the book in the form of Dr. Pitt, a man they accidentally awaken after a century or more of sleep, the man having been in a form of suspended animation. As it turns out, Dr. Pitt knows exactly what the poison cloud is and he might know a way to stop it but he is too concerned with saving his own skin and when given the chance, he makes a break for it. Suffice it to say, Samson, Mindor and Sharmaine do not want to die and so they manage to capture the coward scientist and resume their trek to the chemical plant they have discovered to be the source of the danger. Binder throws a lot of obstacles in their path and artist Frank Thorne makes things interesting by bringing this post-apocalyptic landscape to life, not to mention the incredibly daunting wildlife that always seems to pop up when least expected. As one might guess, despite the ever-present threat of Samson and Sharmaine’s arrows, Dr. Pitt continues to try and escape the escalating danger of the poison cloud and each time he is foiled by the companions until it is finally too late to do anything than go along. The threat of the poison cloud is an interesting choice of ‘villain’ for Samson to overcome in this issue as it presents something not easily defeated. He cannot simply use his fists or his brawn to solve the problem and makes this book far more intriguing because of it. In a situation such as this, it is nice to see danger come from all manner of things, not simply those that walk on two or four or more legs and hopefully, Binder and Thorne continue to provide such matter in this series as it progresses. Filled with action, drama and ecological disaster, this third issue is the best one as of yet.

4 out of 5

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