Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #2

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Frank Thorne

Samson, Mindor and Sharmaine are out exploring once again when they notice a strange flying saucer overhead in the sky, something that should not be in this time and place and yet it is. While they observe this strange phenomenon, Kull the Killer and those who are left of his tribe are trying to make their way across the Huzon River when they are attacked by numerous monsters, each incredibly deadly. Swimming for their lives, they finally make the shore in Jerz and are greeted by a woman named Terra, a woman looking for a labour force when Kull and his men unexpectedly show up. She quickly shows them who is in charge and once they are in line, she takes them down into her underground sanctuary, a place that remained unchanged since before disaster struck the world. There is a purpose to the visit and that is to show Kull what he and his men will be tasked with, namely the gathering of atomic batteries to replace those which are losing their power here in her bunker. So it is that they set off back to N’Yark and while Kull is willing to do her bidding, at least for the moment, he also means to settle the score with Samson if he were to find him. Otto Binder gives Kull that opportunity and yet once again, Kull fails to eliminate Samson. As the villains make their getaway, Samson and his companions return to the building where the attack took place, discovering the batteries when Kull and his men walk in on them. What follows is another skirmish between the two sides and it ends quickly as Kull and his men make a getaway. Samson has had enough at this point and Binder splits up the trio by sending the hero into Jerz after the troublemakers. It is a perilous journey but if anyone could make it, it would be Samson and yet, once arriving, he is no match for Terra and the power she wields. What follows is a reckoning with some decent artwork by Frank Thorne, the man not having come into his own as of this point and the defeat of Kull and his cronies. While Terra still lives, she has grown quite fond of Samson so it remains to be seen if she will return at some point though she would make a great villain as the seeds have already been planted. Though it is only two issues in and the book is not something one could consider high art, it is enjoyable nonetheless, especially given its setting and all the things that are possible within it.

3 out of 5

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