Issue by Issue – Mighty Samson #1

Writer – Otto Binder
Artist – Frank Thorne

While many books begin with their heroes already established before going into their eventual origin story, Otto Binder decides to start things off with Samson as a child, beginning his story literally at the beginning. Readers are introduced to this new post-apocalyptic world where what remains of mankind are split off into tribes, trying to survive against the elements, the mutated creatures which roam the land and each other. As for Samson, he is a member of the N’Yark tribe, already showing great strength at such a young age and as he grows older, he protects them from many threats that might have done them great harm, though eventually losing his mother to one of them. After defeating a liobear, Samson is injured like never before but thanks to the ministrations of a woman named Sharmaine, he manages to pull through. So it is that Samson also meets her father Mindor and he starts to learn of the past and the incredible things they were responsible for, the best of which is canned food which remains ever-fresh and a boon to those who are unable to hunt or find food on their own. Joining Mindor and Sharmaine on an expedition, the three of them run into some members from an opposing tribe who are looking to take the food that the companions have just discovered. Suffice it to say that Samson does not let that happen and those villains run off to tell their leader – Kull the Killer of what they have just experienced. In a second story by the same creative team, the three friends are once again off exploring when they come across a building in remarkably good shape, an armoury that contains many weapons though they know not how to use them. While they explore, their actions have not gone unnoticed and soon Kull the Killer and his men show up looking to take advantage of the situation starting with the kidnapping of Sharmaine. With nothing to do but give up the guns to Kull in order to save Mindor’s daughter, they do just that and get chained up for good measure. As it is, Kull will not release Sharmaine and aims to kill Samson and Mindor. This spurs Samson into action and by the time it is all said and done, Binder has the hero come out on top. Though some might think this book reads a little juvenile, it actually fits the storyline as this new world finds mankind, or at least some of it, in a fairly primitive state. Binder makes it all interesting and Frank Thorne who provides the artwork does a great job at captivating the audience into the actions taking place. Altogether, this was a solid first issue made all the better by George Wilson’s painted cover.

3.5 out of 5

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