Issue by Issue – The Human Fly #19

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Lee Elias
Inker – Ricardo Villamonte
Colours – Elaine Heinl
Letters – Diana Albers

In what is the final issue of the series, Bill Mantlo and Lee Elias take it out in style with the continuation of last issue’s storyline which found The Human Fly and his team under attack. Surrounding them would be a lot of thugs under the command of a man named Frank Sturges and they would be looking for death. Thankfully those they face are not the drunken fools they are used to beating down and so it is that The Fly and those who accompany him make short work of the villains. All that remains now is to rid Las Cruces of the corruption that permeates the soul of the place, to get rid of Sturges and those that work for him. Doing so will be a challenge and require those who live in the town to rise up but at the moment, The Fly must perform his contractually obligated stunt, a feat he knows is going to be trap in order to guarantee his death. It is a good thing then that he has people around him willing to look out for him and as The Human Fly moves forward with the stunt, an attempt is indeed made upon his life. As readers might guess, The Fly makes it out alive though not before some incredible stunt work, the man using every skill he has to pull it off, though it does come close. In the end, Sturges is not so much defeated by The Human Fly as he is by the townsfolk he had been fleecing for years. Altogether, this was a great issue of the series and much like the previous one, it was packed with tension with a town about to boil over, a fair amount of suspense and some great noir overtones to make it all one of Mantlo’s very best on the series. Lee Elias and Ricardo Villamonte provided some spectacular artwork to see it off and all of it should have proved why the series needed to move forward though perhaps it was too little too late at this stage in the game. The good thing about it all is that it would not leave anything hanging, no outstanding plot threads with everything coming to a close, The Human Fly and his team doing what they do best which is the committing of good deeds. A great series, largely forgotten to the dusty realm of quarter bins everywhere.

4.5 out of 5

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