Issue by Issue – The Human Fly #18

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Lee Elias
Inker – Ricardo Villamonte, Tex Blaisdell
Colours – Elaine Heinl
Letters – Diana Albers

In a story called A Gathering of Vultures, Harmony White is finally sitting down to write her article on The Human Fly. She thinks back to a time when she was completely opposed to the man, believing him to be a fraud and now, after finally seeing him for who he is and what he does, that has all changed. Bill Mantlo and artist Lee Elias then cut to The Fly who is travelling with the rest of his companions down to Las Cruces in Mexico where they have been hired to perform at a festival. Along the way, they encounter a little boy dragging an old man by the side of the road, the man being his grandpa and the man also being dead. The child is traumatized and The Fly vows to find the person that killed his grandpa once they are able. Arriving in town, they are immediately confronted by one angry woman who does not want them there, not to mention a fairly cold reception from the townspeople in general and it is then that they learn that there is corruption present in the city council and that does not sit well with The Human Fly. Mantlo writes a different kind of tale with this one, filled with a little suspense and even a bit of noir. It is the first of a two-part story and it is the most interesting tale that Mantlo has presented over the last handful of issues, perhaps more and one that intrigues the reader so much so that when the book ends, one cannot help but want for more. Of course, it all finishes on a cliff-hanger with The Fly and his friends in danger and while one obviously expects them to escape said peril, this being the second-to-last issue means that there is the possibility that things might not turn out for the best. This was bar none, not only one of the most interesting stories but one of the best issues in the entire series period and it is a shame that there could not have been more akin to this one.

4 out of 5

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  1. A fantastically well written issue of the Human Fly. This story was really something very different for the series. Shame how the Human Fly series really began to find its niche just before the end of the series – if there’d been more like this perhaps the character would’ve become more poplar?

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