Issue by Issue – Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld Vol.2 #3

Writer – Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn
Artist – Ric Estrada
Inker – Romeo Tanghal
Colours – Carl Gafford
Letters – John Costanza

Lord Aquamarine has returned home to find his kingdom in disarray, his guards murdered and his palace under siege. As he prepares to do battle, his overconfidence becomes his undoing for moments after it starts, he is cut down like the rest of those who serve him, his death felt by the Diamond Priest many leagues away. Amethyst believes that he should be avenged as he aided in the overthrow of Dark Opal and there are those who think her right on the matter but Lord Garnet will not do so, the man blaming Aquamarine for the death of his son many moons ago. So it is that Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn and artists Ric Estrada and Romeo Tanghal send Amethyst into the thick of battle once more, almost like no time had passed since her fight against Dark Opal. While doing so, a change comes over Amethyst, whether that would be due to the arrival of Fire Jade and the hell she would unleash upon those present or something else but it would find the Princess singularly bloodthirsty, incredibly intent on destroying those who would stand against her. It makes Amethyst a force to be reckoned with and it is only thanks to the Diamond Priest who has recovered from a previous attack that he is able to calm her down before something dire might have happened. As it is, Fire Jade now stands revealed as the big bad or the recent bad fortunes involving Gemworld and for the moment, it looks as if she might have perished but as is most often the case on Gemworld, all may not be as it appears. Mishkin and Cohn also throw in some interesting bits aside from the main tale as they usually tend to do as there are many facets to the overall story of Amy Winston, that being the plight of her parents on Earth who still have no idea what is happening to her. Prince Topaz is also given a bit of the spotlight as well as he romances Lady Turquoise, readers discovering that the spell of Fire Jade is strong and wants the man to kill Turquoise, something which does not come to pass thanks to the defeat of the villainess elsewhere. Also of note is Fire Jade’s strange interest in Lady Emerald, though just what that could mean has yet to be explored. Overall the best issue in this second volume so far and one that moves things forward in many respects with much yet to be discovered.

4 out of 5

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