Four Colour Thoughts – Vampirella: The Dark Powers #1

The Creators – Dan Abnett – Writer, Paul Davidson – Artist, Andrew Dalhouse – Colours, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou – Letters

The Players – Vampirella, Black Terror, Fighting Yank, The Liberator, Rocketgirl, The Woman in Red

The Story – A team of heroes from different worlds have come together to battle threats bigger than themselves.

The Take – Dan Abnett and Paul Davidson begin things off with a bang as Vampirella faces off against a group of armoured men who call themselves the Anticlan, a group that has threatened The Liberator’s world numerous times in the past. She makes short work of them, to say the least, and utterly horrifies her teammates in the process who question why she is even on the team in the first place. Along with the fighting and its aftermath, Abnett introduces the idea of The Project, this gathering of heroes that includes not only this team but many others and it is an interesting idea that could potentially make for an infinite variety of combinations should this title go on for an extended period of time. As for Vampirella, she is the fish out of water in this instance, as the team favours non-lethal methods, forming battle plans and so forth, something she is not quite used to. Because of this, Vampirella learns that she has not in fact killed the Anticlan members as they have biotech running through them and have now started to recombine into a form that cannot be defeated by the likes of Vampirella, something bigger and stronger and something that will destroy the city unless they figure out how to get rid of it. Altogether this turned out to be an incredibly fun tale, a blending of classic heroes with a touch of the new and a bit of horror. The book might have a lot of dialogue at times but it never seems to slow down and that is thanks to Abnett who is at the top of his game here. As for the artwork by Davidson, it seems a little jarring at first and yet after a few panels, it becomes the most refreshing thing to be seen in a Dynamite book in a long time; exciting, original and modern and it makes it all even more enjoyable because of it. At the end of the day Vampirella: The Dark Powers is something different in the best of ways and a truly great read.

Worth it? – Yes.

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