Issue by Issue – The Human Fly #15

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Lee Elias
Inker – Ricardo Villamonte
Colours – Michelle Wolfman
Letters – Clem Robins

This issue begins right in the thick of the action and it finds The Human Fly and his friends in a fight with some gangsters though as for why they are unsure. They came to the hospital looking for a man named Slick Gordon, a friend of Ted Locke and yet when mentioning his name, chaos would erupt. Soon they get locked up but that means nothing to people such as these and it is not long before the Fly escapes and not long after, the rest of his crew. As all of this takes place, they learn that Slick is at the Washington Monument with another soldier, protesting the treatment they and others get at the VA Hospital, those in charge stealing from their wards and if it is not investigated, they will blow the Monument up. Racing there, The Human Fly looks to lend a hand and after a little reticence from the cops, he is allowed to go in and see if he can put a stop to the madness that is taking place. Bill Mantlo and the returning Lee Elias tell a good story, one that is a little different from the usual in that it tackles the subject of Vietnam veterans, though the hospital mentioned within could in fact deal with veterans from various skirmishes and wars. Two of those men are in the Washinton Monument with at least one of them far more violent and deadlier than the other. Mantlo writes it all in a way that makes the reader feel bad for the men, especially when one takes into consideration everything that went along with the Vietnam War both during and afterwards. Some of these men have little to hold onto, little left in their lives that they can call their own and when those whose hearts are full of greed take advantage of that, it is easy to see how the situation that currently takes place in the book came into play. Such as it is though, The Human Fly manages to reach the top of the building where the two men are holed up and after a little bit of a battle, manages to contain the situation. Elias’ artwork is as good as ever and Mantlo does what he does best making this story as good as it can possibly be. In the last few pages of the book, it finds the real Human Fly visiting the Marvel offices and meeting with various members of the staff including Stan Lee which looked like a lot of fun. A good book overall.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. What a great issue of Human Fly and love that eye-catching cover. I’ve always liked this character, he was a bit different and quirky from the norm. Also specially like this issue as it was the first issue of The Human Fly that I ever read, brings back a lot of happy memories seeing it here again! 🙂

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