Four Colour Thoughts – King in Black #1

The Creators – Donny Cates – Writer, Ryan Stegman – Artist, JP Mayer – Inker, Frank Martin – Colours, Clayton Cowles – Letters

The Players – Venom, Avengers, X-Men, Sentry, Doctor Strange, Knull

The Story – Knull has arrived on Earth and he brings trouble with him.

The Take – There is no beating around the bush when this story begins, no recap and no looking back. There is nothing needed to know previously to enjoy this event, though going back and reading Venom’s ongoing title might add context but if Donny Cates did his job right, and he did, the only thing readers need to know is in the first couple of pages and it is that Knull, the god of the Symbiotes, has come to Earth and he means to destroy it. Eddie Brock, the first and current host for the Venom symbiote has been trying to prepare the Avengers for what is coming and they, in turn, realize that if they do not help, the planet will fall. What happens during the rest of the book is exactly what was expected and while the various heroes would try their best, including Venom, it would all be for naught. Ryan Stegman who pencils this book creates some incredible visuals to make it as exciting as possible, not to mention adding in a good dose of horror as well. There are a couple of shocking moments throughout, one especially memorable involving the death of a hero which will make readers wonder if there is any coming back for said crimefighter and secondly if there is any hope whatsoever of defeating the monster. Of course, there is a little bit of drama to go along with it all, mostly involving Eddie’s son whom he hides away in a bunker, making him promise to stay there away from Knull but readers have to know that Dylan is going to play a big part in this storyline, especially given the ending when everything seems so hopeless with only one issue of the story being published so far. The pace is fast and while it will take no time at all to breeze through this book, it is a satisfying read that does what an event book should and that is make its audience want to come back for more.

Worth It? – Yes.

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  1. I think this “Great for people who like this sort of thing.”
    But I’ve never liked Venom or his spin-off symbiotes. Flipped thru this one and gave it a pass. I’m one of the (probably few) who LOVES Silver Surfer but was immediately turned off to Silver Surfer:Black when Cates brought this stuff into the story.

    But I think it’s great stuff in the vein of “give the people what they want”. Lots of readers are eating this stuff up so it makes a lot of sense to be going all-in on this as an event. For me it just made my Marvel pull-list very small for a couple of months as more & more books are pulled into this.

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