Four Colour Thoughts – Justice League: Endless Winter #1

The Creators – Andy Lanning & Ron Marz – Writers, Howard Porter, Marco Santucci – Artist, HI-FI, Arif Prianto – Colours, Andworld Design, Troy Peteri – Letters

The Players – Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Black Lightning, Catman, Icicle, Multiplex, Rampage, Frost King, Sebastian Stagg, Black Adam, The Wizard, Hippolyta, Viking Prince, Swamp Thing

The Story – Sebastian Stagg believes there is something down where the Fortress of Solitutd used to be up in the Arctic Circle. Not only does he find it but he unleashes something that has been trapped for centuries.

The Take – The most interesting thing about this entire tale is that somebody finally decided to go and use the story idea that Brian Michael Bendis left laying around about Superman’s abandoned fortress location. That ended up being Andy Lanning and Ron Marz who bring readers DC’s newest big event and it would happen in the only way that it possibly could, exploitation of leftover technology or the unleashing of the villain or a combination of the two. As it turned out, it would be the latter and while expected right from the first page of the book, it still managed to be somewhat enjoyable even though it has been seen many a time before. There is a lot of action interspersed throughout, Howard Porter doing his best to make it all exciting as the Justice League frees an island from the influence of some villains who were just looking to get away from it all, not to mention the battle towards the end of the book with the newly arisen Frost King, a being far more powerful than the League was ready for. Lanning and Marz leave the book off with two things that need solving, the first of which is the Frost King whom they are going to need to defeat as the world freezes over and the second being Sebastian Stagg and whatever it is he is planning. Even better is the appearance of some sort of ancient Justice League, for lack of a better team name, taking place in the past and made up of Hippolyta, the Viking Prince, Swamp Thing and Black Adam, obviously having something to do with the Frost King, whatever that might be. Overall, while it was somewhat interesting, there was not enough to set it apart or make it different from other stories of its ilk. Seeing where it leads could make for some interesting scenarios, but there was not enough to make it worth the investment.

Worth It? – Pass.

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