One and Done – Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos! Vol.2 #1

Jesse Alexander – Writer
John Paul Leon – Artist
John E. Workman – Letters

Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos are given a mission in Yugoslavia to discover just where it is a certain set of railroad tracks lead, take a few pictures and return home without engaging the enemy. Suffice it to say, that is far easier said than done, especially as they need to fight off the Nazis the moment they parachute from the plane and the second they hit the ground. After taking care of a little business, they make plans to get underway as well as being joined by a Black Widow courtesy of Mother Russia. More resistance makes itself known and thanks to artist John Paul Leon, readers get to see some exquisite action scenes where the Howlers take out a plane and Fury makes short work of some German tanks with nothing but some grenades and an umbrella. Eventually, they arrive at their destination and discover that Baron Zemo is assembling some sort of atomic bomb and after a bit of a skirmish, the Widow makes off with the plans as per her orders while letting the Howlers to die. As it is, fate has other things in store for the boys like killing even more Nazis after they manage to escape the burning factory and catching up to the Black Widow, though that just so happens to be by chance as the both of them would try to steal the same plane. Things do not happen as they wish though and they get themselves caught and transported to a very imposing castle where Baron Strucker is trying to sell his latest gadget to the Japanese – a giant warbot that looks like a walking tank. With a little gumption and little but their fists to fight with, the Howlers leap into action with Fury leading the charge and by the time it is all over, Strucker has been defeated, the robot damaged, the Japanese killed and the Black Widow escaping, on her way back to Russia. It all makes for one incredible reading experience thanks to writer Jesse Alexander who imbues it all with a great dose of fun. The book never takes itself too seriously and it is easy to see that he and Leon enjoyed themselves immensely when crafting this tale, Leon especially, as his work was some of the best he has ever produced, the man clearly made for drawing books like this. If Fury were to get another crack at an ongoing title one day, this is the creative team that needs to be on it, so good was this issue. Definitely recommended.

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