One and Done

One and Done – Our Fighting Forces Featuring The Losers #1

B. Clay Moore – Writer
Chad Hardin – Artist
Wayne Faucher – Inker
David Curiel – Colours
John J. Hill – Letters

The Losers, though they do not realize it at first, have been sent on a suicide mission and when they do finally come to that conclusion, they intend to do everything in their power to avoid that fate to the best of their ability. Suffice it to say, The Losers, despite being named as such, have faced tough odds many a time and have always managed to come out through the worst of it, so while it might look grim, they will do what they do best to pull out a win. This entails them making a little noise according to the higher-ups at the German base just up the road from their current position and so that is exactly what they are going to do. Johnny Cloud takes the lead and scouts ahead, hoping to find that perhaps it is not at all as bad as they think it is while trying to find something that will be advantageous for his crew. Captain Storm and Sarge follow up, essentially walking right in through the front door while Gunner brings up the rear. B. Clay Moore writes a good tale, one packed with action and suspense and just the slightest touch of dark humour, the boys knowing that what they do now will possibly be the last thing they will ever do upon the earth. As it is, The Losers enter the camp and they are outgunned which is putting it lightly and despite putting on their best effort, without a miracle they are going to fail. Luckily it arrives in the form of Johnny Cloud who has managed to borrow a German fighter plane thereby evening the odds, maybe a little more so in their favour. When it is all said and done and The Losers return to base camp, they discover just what the entire mission actually entailed, a plan that would have seen the Allies destroy the base once it was filled up with reinforcements, that taking place only if The Losers had played their parts correctly and more than likely died. That being said, they did manage to take care of the enemy base and the Germans, at least some of them and they lived to tell the tale and so in a way, the mission was a bit of a success. With a good story by Moore and some excellent artwork by Chad Hardin and Wayne Faucher, the book had everything going for it and did not disappoint, leaving readers to wonder just where it is that The Losers will be headed next.

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