Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #15

Writer – John Warner
Artist – Tom Sutton
Colours – Phil Rachelson
Letters – John Costanza

In the finale to ‘The War That Shook the World,’ as well as the book, it finds N’Kantu and all of his companions in a battle against the Elementals namely Hellfire, Magnum and Hydron. Written by John Warner with artwork by Tom Sutton, the entirety of the pages in the book would be consumed by this battle which was not a bad thing as it kept a good pace and saw many back and forths between the two sides. For a while, it would seem as if the Elementals would win but with a little willpower from N’Kantu, a bit of gumption from the rest of the team and the power of the Ruby Scarab finally unlocked, the good guys manage to pull out a win, banishing the villains from the Earth and freeing Cairo from its oppressors. As the book leaves off, it finds N’Kantu alone with Dr. Skarab, the future uncertain as everyone else goes their separate ways. As an ending, this was not the worst to have been seen by a comic book and yet it could have been so much better. More than likely, the creators were told to wrap things up as the book was getting cancelled and so they did the best they could with the amount of room they had and thus, that is what readers received. If there was one thing this issue was missing, much like the last few, it was that element of horror that permeated the series for its first dozen or so books. Transforming it into what it would become, more of a war title than anything else though a bizarre one at that, was probably what led to the book’s downfall. A horror title without any horror is a pretty sad thing indeed and while the creators on this last big story tried something a little different, it was something that simply did not work. It was still somewhat enjoyable but The Living Mummy could have been replaced by The Whizzer and it still would have read the same, N’Kantu being simply a prop in these last few issues. Altogether it was okay, not the greatest and not the worst.

2.5 out of 5

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