Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #13

Writer – Tony Isabella
Artist – Val Mayerik
Inker – Dan Green
Colours – Janice Cohen
Letters – Karen Mantlo

Supernatural Thrillers which was a book that showcased horror stories and in particular The Living Mummy as this issue does has forsaken the chills and thrills to become a war title featuring a few powered players which is a shame as it used to be a very solid horror title. Though it is still entertaining and features the same creative team in Tony Isabella and Val Mayerik who have chronicled the bulk of N’Kantu’s adventures, it is not as it used to be and is less because of it. When featuring a mummy as the lead character in the story, horror and the supernatural should be surrounding it like a shroud, not giving it up in order that said mummy simply becomes another tool to use in a bid for freedom with other assorted men in a resistance force. The focus on N’Kantu is far less than it was and while he still takes part in much of the book, the story is not really about him anymore but about the tyrant Elementals that have taken over the city of Cairo – a stepping stone in order that they might rule the world with the help of the Ruby Scarab. As for that amulet, it is neither seen nor heard of in this issue as the book only details more fighting between the two sides with a little of the story going to the freeing of The Asp, Zephyr and Olddan who are about to be executed by the Elementals. There is a fair bit of action in the book which picks up exponentially during the latter half of the issue after the detainees escape and it looks like the companions may just be turning the corner in their fight against the villains when they notice that Dr. Skarab is missing. As the book leaves things off with a bit of uncertainty it also leaves readers a little unsatisfied for while there were a few horrific acts within, there was not any real horror to be found, at least not the kind readers are used to seeing within these pages. A decent tale but one that could have been far better than it was.

2.5 out of 5

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  1. I think the book was losing sales and readers and this was the creator’s last ditch effort to save their book. It’s a shame but Marvel was so entrenched as a superhero house by this time,titles like these were becoming a thing of the past and on their way to limited mini-series.

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