Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #12

Writer – Tony Isabella
Artist – Val Mayerik
Inker – Klaus Janson
Colours – Bill Mantlo
Letters – Karen Mantlo

In a book-length tale entitled The War That Shook the World, everything that has taken place in the last few issues comes to a head right here with the Ruby/Scarlett Scarab at the center of it all. The Elementals, men who think they are akin to gods, have arrived back on Earth and they want the amulet that resides in the hands of Dr. Skarab and his companions. With two hostages in Zephyr who they believe has betrayed them and Olddan who is The Asp’s best friend and it is in that moment that The Asp who is not a brave man normally, leaps into action as he attacks the villains straight on. It is a desperate gamble but it is one that at least pays off for the moment for the Elementals are but men and thus can be hurt like men as well and that spurs N’Kantu into action as well. What follows is a small war essentially between the forces of what could be called good and evil and as it does so, the only real person getting hurt is not a person at all but the city called Cairo which they find themselves in. From nearly the first to the last, the battle rages on every page and N’Kantu, even though he is but a shambling mummy which most would be afraid of normally in the course of a day is only but an afterthought as the threat from the Elementals and the power they wield overshadows all. That all being said, even though the same creative team is at the fore in Tony Isabella and Val Mayerik, the book is not as compelling as previous issues have been. There was a lot going on but not enough focus upon The Living Mummy himself, the spotlight being shifted to and fro which made sense from a story perspective but it is N’Kantu that readers are here to see, not everyone else. In addition to that, there were simply too many people all together at once, again diluting N’Kantu’s presence as well as the horror that was present in the previous issues. It all had a different feel to it and instead of being a horror story about a mummy that had come back to life thousands of years later, it is now an action title and it simply does not work. While it was all enjoyable enough, the creative team needs to get back to basics and get it all back on track so that the horror of N’Kantu and his situation is front and center before anything else.

3 out of 5

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