Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #11

Writer – Tony Isabella, Tom Sutton
Artist – Val Mayerik, Tom Sutton
Colours – Bill Mantlo
Letters – Alan Kupperberg

Each of the players in the game finally starts to converge from Dr. Skarab to The Asp to the Elementals to The Living Mummy himself, N’Kantu and all of it over the Ruby Scarab. Each party wants the item for a different reason, The Asp as a cash cow while the Elementals want it to rule but as for the star of this book, N’Kantu simply wants to keep it out of everyone’s hands and perhaps, if the fates are on his side, to use it one day in order to make himself human once again. Never has one item seemed to be as contested as the scarab and so it is that they gather in Cairo, The Asp so that he might sell it to his first client, the one and only Dr. Skarab who has come to the city for a different reason altogether, that being the N’Kantu whom he wishes to aid. As The Asp looks to make his meeting, the Mummy busts in, looking to claim it yet being unsuccessful in his quest despite tracking it thus far as he is attacked with fire. Incapacitated, his quarry escapes while Zephyr of those elemental ‘gods’ arrives to heal his tortured flesh as best she can and to take control of N’Kantu once more. While that ultimately proves to be almost futile, she can do so up to a point and so it is to The Asp that the book turns where all the interested parties soon congregate upon. Written by Tony Isabella, the man packs in a lot of story into this issue, even going so far as to present the origin of The Asp in text form making the reading experience a little more immersive and definitely longer in length which was not a bad thing. Where it is all headed is quite obvious but as to how Isabella will end this tale is something else for with everyone seeking out the scarab, there is bound to be more than a little conflict. Bringing his pencils to bear is Val Mayerik once more, the man outdoing himself with the book having a slightly grittier feel than many of the others that preceded it. To top it all off, Tom Sutton delivers a bit of horror that provides a laugh in a secondary tale that might be short but is quite sweet all on its own. Eleven issues in and Supernatural Thrillers continues to deliver the goods in the best possible way.

3.5 out of 5

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