Not What They Signed Up For – The Supernaturals (1986)

Sometimes a film has to be watched just for the sake of curiosity and The Supernaturals is one such picture that stars Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame as one of the leads and the biggest name that this movie sports, though for whatever reason, LeVar Burton would also appear.

As it is, The Supernaturals is not as good as one might have hoped and that is putting it nicely. What would begin in the Civil War where some Confederate soldiers would be forced to walk through a minefield by the opposing force with many of them dying, would soon jump to the present day where a group of young army recruits would be sent on manoeuvres with Nichols as Sgt. Hawkins, the woman in charge of making them live up to the uniform. At this point, the movie would descend into juvenile territory with some very clichéd caricatures in the form of soldiers and it is nothing that any movie-goer has not seen a million times before in a million different films and it is disappointing, to say the least. Factor in a mysterious woman, an old man and some ghost-zombies which start killing them all off and one can say at the very least that it would all end better than it started.

Beginning off with a terrible soundtrack was just the first atrocity the movie would sport and from there it would see some poor writing, an unoriginal story and some acting that could have been far better than it was. Even Nichols was not enough to save this B film from being as terrible as it was though her performance was enough to at least elicit a smile now and then. As it progressed into the final act, it would finally pick up in both pace and interest as the zombies or ghosts or whatever they might have been come into play and with at least a couple of creepy moments to satisfy horror buffs, it would thankfully inject some much-needed atmosphere into the proceedings.

With an all-too-familiar story among a plethora of things that could have been improved including the wasting of Burton who decided to add this film to his resume, the movie which felt as if it were made for T.V. is not worth the time or effort despite the only bright spot in Nichols being present. Seek entertainment elsewhere.

1 out of 5

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