Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #10

Writer – Len Wein Tony Isabella, Val Mayerik
Artist – Val Mayerik, Ross Andru, Joe Orlando
Inker – Dan Adkins, Jack Abel
Colours – Glynis Wein
Letters – Artie Simek

At the moment, N’Kantu is in search of the Ruby Scarab and while he is free of Zephyr’s influence, he cannot help but seek it out. As he does so, he thinks back to the time when he was but a young warrior, coming into his own when he was alive and still with his tribe. He thinks of the test he had to go through to become a man, the test of the lion and of his success, of what it meant to be alive under the sun, a free man and yet it is just a memory and one that has long passed into time. As N’Kantu is lost in thought, the writers of this book cut to the Asp, the man who had stolen the scarab and looks to make a few bucks off of it by selling it. His plan encompasses a bit more than that though as he intends to sell it multiple times over, stealing it back each time so that he might repeat the process. Readers are also made privy to what is happening with the elementals who are desperate for the scarab as well so that they might return to Earth and rule as they think they are meant to. Eventually, the book returns to N’Kantu who continues to wander and eventually encounters a young woman who just so happens to be running from a tank. In one sense he finds it fascinating but he knows how dangerous it can be and he realizes that the woman needs help. After a minute of shock between the two, they manage to work together to eliminate the threat, The Living Mummy as a shield against the bullets of the men while the woman manages to destroy the tank with a grenade. When it is all said and done, the two remain alive, their destinies separate with N’Kantu on a collision course with forces seemingly out of his control, at least for the moment. Additionally, there is a bit of horror and science-fiction present in a tale simply called Flying Saucer, a nice twist on the alien invasion plot that turns things on their head just a little bit to keep it fresh. With a creative team that continues to keep things interesting, Supernatural Thrillers continues to engage readers ten issues in and counting.

3.5 out of 5

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