Not Wheat Nor Corn But a… – Blood Harvest (1987)

Blood Harvest begins by letting the audience know that pure terror is within from that very first opening scene as a creepy-looking clown sings the nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill. Eventually, while the film would turn out to be somewhat atmospheric in nature with a little bit of suspense and a few murders that would take place down the road, they were nothing in comparison to hearing and seeing that clown as an opener.

For those observant viewers, it is Tiny Tim who stars of course – the popular ukulele player, entertainer and comedian famous for just that among other things, a man beloved the world over though his star would wane with each passing generation. Why it is he agreed to star in this particular film, especially one in this genre is a question that may never have an answer but be that as it may, he fit the role perfectly as the dim-witted brother who likes to dress up as a clown – nightmare fuel for kids of all ages. As it is, he is only a supporting player in this affair as Itonia Salchek takes the lead as a young woman who has decided to come home and visit her parents while on a break from college and who turns out to be one of the best things about the entire affair. Her parents are missing though which leads to all sorts of strange things that take place, her friends disappearing and Mervo the clown continually peeping in through her windows which leads to her putting her trust in exactly the wrong person.

As a horror film, there is not too much that turns out to be actually scary, aside from Mervo that is. Salchek for her part is naked for a good bit of the movie, at least during the second half which plays into a different kind of horror during a few of those scenes.  For a certain someone, Salchek is an obsession and she ends up being stalked throughout the movie and sometimes said stalker breaks into her place and knocks her unconscious, tying her up and taking pictures of her in very revealing situations. There would be a little bit of blood towards the final act of the picture and some bodies which would reveal themselves, all victims of the stalker but as a slasher, though it would have all the necessary ingredients, it needed a little something more to really put it over the top. As it is the story was not overly bad but the script could have used a little work especially during the first half of the picture and the filmmakers could have made use of Tiny Tim a little better than he was.

As an oddity, Blood Harvest is worth a watch both for Tiny Tim and for Salchek who might have had a promising career but ended it here with her only film appearance.  Given a few more teeth, this slasher could have been great and yet as it is, it never rises above being average.

2 out of 5

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