Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #9

Writer – Tony Isabella, Stan Lee
Artist – Val Mayerik, Steve Ditko
Inker – Dan Adkins
Colours – Linda Lessmann
Letters – Tom Orzechowski

With a quick recap of the previous issue’s events which saw N’Kantu transported to another planet for an audience with four elementals, Tony Isabella and Val Mayerik would take The Living Mummy and readers back to Egypt where under the mental control of Zephyr, he must find the Ruby Scarab so that they might return to power. N’Kantu had refused of course and now he finds he has little say in the matter but when an innocent presents himself and Zephyr orders his death, it is then that the Mummy is able to break free of her control. As it is, he finds himself inside a pyramid and it is one that belongs to The Living Pharaoh and as such, he is an intruder. The Pharaoh assumes that N’Kantu is after the Ruby Scarab, the amulet that he possesses and guards religiously as it gives him a semblance of the great power he once used to wield and he will never let it go if he is able. Sending out his men to attack, N’Kantu makes short work of them but he is unable to stop from falling into the trapdoor that opens at his feet. Within minutes the chamber that N’Kantu has fallen into has filled up with water and he can feel the pressure upon his lungs and thus he must find some way to escape. Mayerik’s artwork is incredible and he truly makes The Living Mummy a formidable being, especially when the odds are stacked against him with the standout scene in the book being his escape from his watery prison. All of this leads to a confrontation between the Mummy and the Pharaoh and it is a clash that seems one-sided at first in the Pharaoh’s favour but when his attacks prove useless, N’Kantu simply wanders away in search of the scarab for when he was previously occupied in battle, someone made away with it, stealing it from both The Living Pharaoh and The Living Mummy. Once again, a great tale that finds the man out of time unable to do as he chooses, a plot device that makes his adventures even more interesting thanks to the creative team. In a secondary story by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko originally presented in Amazing Fantasy #11, it concerns a test of a rocket ship and the man going with it who is to be sent beyond the universe, faster than light which in the end yields a startling result. A strong issue from start to finish.

4 out of 5

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