Thar She Blows! – The Wind (1986)

The Wind is a fairly lackadaisical slasher with very few kills and it takes its time getting to them until the final act where starlet Meg Foster is being hunted down by Wings Hauser and a blustery wind in a little Greek town where she is writing her latest novel.

With Foster, one never knows if she is going to be the villain or the victim due to the unreadable nature of her icy blue eyes and here she is the latter, a successful woman looking to get a little work done when her creepy neighbour Phil who helps to look after the place decides that he wants her to be his latest victim. Robert Morley also appears for a brief minute, the man renting out his property to Foster’s character Sian Anderson until he is murdered by Phil off-screen for having the gall to ask Phil to leave his property. After that first murder, Phil has a taste for it and soon there is no stopping him as two more fall victim to his sickle, a weapon that lends to a bit of hilarity in the movie, more than likely unintentional. That little bit of comedy which writer and director Nico Mastorakis managed to slip into the film whether he meant to or not, manages to break up the monotony of the slowly paced happenings and furthers that during a scene in which Phil is trying to get through a trapdoor to Sian and using his sickle of all things to try and break it apart – all to no effect.

Things eventually pick up in the final act of the picture as the game of cat and mouse between the two kicks into high gear with Sian running for her life for a good bit before finally, or so she thinks, doing away with her pursuer. Foster does an all right job in this picture but she has had better roles before and since as has Hauser and they do seem to work well together but almost anybody could have been cast in these parts as there was nothing overly original or new brought to them. The movie itself was a bit slow and somewhat uninteresting as there were so few murders, much less blood or anything else resembling the genre it was labelled as, that only its leads in Hauser and Foseter kept viewers watching along with the hope that ‘the wind’ that Sian was warned about would do something incredibly crazy.

Such as it was, The Wind had little in the way of fright and for a slasher, was one of the tamest to ever be put to celluloid. Factor in an ending that left a lot to be desired, it leaves one unfulfilled and wanting more which sadly, is not present within.

2.5 out of 5

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