Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #8

Writer – Tony Isabella, Stan Lee
Artist – Val Mayerik, Steve Ditko
Colours – Glynis Wein
Letters – Tom Orzechowski

Continuing straight off from the last issue and with a new writer in Tony Isabella, it finds N’Kantu transported to another world where he is immediately attacked by some strange creatures made of earth. As they battle each other, he recounts his experiences from when he first awoke in this strange new era and it is a world that he hardly recognizes. The sand creatures are strong and while he gains the upper hand for a moment, it is only that as they are joined by whirling twisters and soon he loses consciousness. It is here that Isabella and artist Val Mayerik introduce the villains of the book in the form of Hellfire, Magnum, Zephyr and Hydron – four ‘gods’ who are looking for a little help from none other than The Living Mummy himself. They go into their back-story detailing how once upon a time they were looking to rule over the Earth before two men named Dann and Garrett teamed up to defeat them using a something called the Ruby Scarab, a powerful artifact that even they could not overcome. So it is that they are now asking N’Kantu to find the scarab for them so that they might return to Earth and continue what they started so long ago. As it stands, N’Kantu can sense their evil intentions and even though they promise to make him fully human again, he refuses which leads to some hurt feelings and thus N’Kantu will have to do their bidding anyway as their magics are simply far too powerful for him to overcome. Isabella and Mayerik leave things off on a cliff-hanger and readers cannot help but want to come back and read more of The Living Mummy’s continuing adventures. Additionally, there is a backup tale courtesy of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko called The Little Gypsy Tea House and much like the tale in the previous issue, this one too is about a criminal looking to make a getaway. Also much like that story, this villain makes a fatal mistake about who he is dealing with and when it is all said and done, he escapes the police but not in the way that he thought he would, trading one possible prison for another. Two great stories by two great creative teams make this book a win on all fronts.

4 out of 5

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