Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #7

Writer – Steve Gerber, Stan Lee, Larry Lieber
Artist – Val Mayerik, Joe Sinnott
Colours – Linda Lessmann, Stan Goldberg
Letters – John Costanza, Ray Holloway

Returning to the book courtesy of Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik is N’Kantu, better known as the Living Mummy who awakens once more, this time from a crate in a museum in New York. He is slightly confused as to his surroundings and flees the scene, scaring a security guard who at least has the common sense to call the museum’s curator Dr. Harter who also brings along Dr. Skarab. For readers new and old, Gerber runs down the history of the character through Dr. Skarab, relating all that went down both deep in the past and more recently in Cairo. For his part, N’Kantu wanders the city, amazed at every single thing he encounters, there never being anything like this in ancient Egypt or Africa and as he does so, his thoughts wander towards his people, wondering if they are all right and how they made out after what went down in the pyramid after the uprising. Mayerik who takes on the art chores does a great job at detailing the adventures of the newly sane N’Kantu and it is not long before the action begins as he stops a mugging in Central Park, pondering to himself just why it is that people who look to be of his lineage are acting as such. Those who would be criminals go to the cops and soon enough, N’Kantu has to face down the might of New York’s finest. In a tale that was both dramatic and exciting, the return of The Living Mummy to the pages of this book is a good thing and Gerber does a great job at bringing the character back along with Mayerik by his side. In a second tale called ‘He Came From Nowhere!,’ Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Joe Sinnott present readers with a man on the run, a man who has just escaped prison and is looking to make a getaway as fast as humanly possible. Deep in the woods, another man suddenly appears from out of thin air as if by magic and Joe cannot believe his eyes. As they talk, Joe learns that this man named Groff has come from the future, one free of crime and where everything is as good as can be. Knowing that this might be his one chance to make a clean escape, Joe takes the teleporting ring from Groff and uses it, arriving in the future to find out that he has just traded one prison for another as Groff himself was a prisoner making a break for it himself. A fun story through and through and a thoroughly perfect ending to a great book.

4 out of 5

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