Something Amiss – Intruder (1989)

Intruder is a great, if not fun slasher that takes place in a supermarket where the mundane takes leave once it closes for the night. What puts the icing on the cake is how it leaves off on a note of uncertainty when it ends, the remaining players in the game alive or near to it and their fates up in the air, almost as if there would be a sequel though none would actually ever materialize, thus letting the audience guess as to what the fates had in store for them.

Elizabeth Cox stars as Jennifer a cashier at the supermarket and unknowingly the final girl of the movie who has a little confrontation with her ex-boyfriend and then is told that her job is going to be terminated as they are closing down. From there, as the shop is closing for the night, its employees start to find themselves being killed off one by one. Many think it is Craig as played by David Byrnes, Jennifer’s stalker-ex and yet, maybe it is someone else as a lot of the murders are committed when he is not around. Jennifer is frantic as she keeps discovering the bodies of her friends and co-workers and eventually when all is said and done, the murderer is revealed while she stands amidst the carnage.

For fans of horror and slashers in general, Intruder does not disappoint as each and every killing that takes place is a bloody affair and often includes the dismembering of the victims. The practical effects are incredibly well done and while there is a good amount of blood, it is when heads are cleaved in or limbs removed when the film really starts to move along. The location where it all takes place, a setting familiar to people who have worked in such a job or those who shop there makes it all feel fresh as compared to the usual college dorm, slumber party or campground where a lot of slashers tend to occur. While it is not exactly groundbreaking, nor does it give the audience anything exactly new, the movie manages to keep people glued to their seats with strong pacing, suspense and of course, horror with just a bit of humour woven into it all.

Additionally starring Dan Hicks, Ted Raimi, Renée Estevez and the great Eugene Robert Glazer, the film was well-acted and when factoring in the creepy atmosphere that director Scott Spiegel perpetuates for the bulk of the picture, Intruder ends up being one of the better slashers that would close out the 1980s.

3 out of 5

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