Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #2

Writer – Ron Goulart
Artist – Val Mayerik, Dan Adkins
Inker – Dan Adkins

There have been many adaptations of H.G. Wells’ popular story of a man who had turned himself invisible and the second issue of Supernatural Thrillers released in 1973 would see yet another with Ron Goulart, Val Mayerik and Dan Adkins bringing it to life. It all begins when a man completely covered in bandages seeks a room for the night in the village of Iping. There, over the course of months, he experiments in the privacy of his room, the servants of the inn never seeing him and he never seeing anybody. For all of that though, he still needs to pay his rent and after being overdue for so long, the innkeeper seeks it out and it is from there that everything unravels. Soon, he commits crimes in order to pay the money but it is not long before everyone knows his secret and he is hunted down, not necessarily because of his current condition but due to the fact that he has become maniacal and too dangerous to remain at large. It all ends with the man lying dead and yet his research lives on, perhaps to be used by another. Goulart pens a good tale, the man lifting all the necessary plot points from the novel to make this shorter and much more concise version fit within the pages of a comic book. He paints the picture of a man gone mad from his experiments into optics, of the perceived power he believes that he has and how he thinks it will lead to him ruling all of England. The madness is a key point in all of this and both Goulart and Mayerik make it very apparent to the reader that Griffin is just that, perhaps not at first but as time passes, the man becomes obsessed with recreating his initial success. Mayerik and Adkins do a great job illustrating the tale and together with Goulart, they make a formidable team on the classic story of a man whose experiments simply got out of hand, so much so that they would lead to his eventual downfall. A strong, second outing for Marvel’s Supernatural Thrillers.

3.5 out of 5

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