Alive Enough – Destroyer (1988)

There are a few things that Destroyer has going for it and one of them is football player Lyle Alzado who somewhat takes the lead, in a film that does not really seem to have one, as the villain, a serial killer and rapist who is put to death but continues to haunt the prison killing those who cross his path.

Labelled as a slasher and it definitely is of a sort, it takes the audience into a prison which changes things up from the usual fare and while there are some young women present, the victims also include a number of men and none of them being in high school or college. That alone makes this movie a little refreshing in a way though it is very obvious who is doing the killing before he is eventually revealed. Most of those who die, do so in a very brutal manner as Alzado’s character Ivan Moser just runs right through them, appropriate given his real-life profession. Scream queen Deborah Foreman stars as Susan, the star of the movie being shot in the prison and the reason why Ivan gets to kill so many people. Also starring is Clayton Rohner, no stranger to horror and of course, the one and only Anthony Perkins who gets a bit part as the director of the film within a film, though his talent seems wasted simply by being here.

That being said, while it has a few weak spots throughout, there was still enough for the audience to grab a hold of and it was enjoyable if not a little fun thanks to its villainous star. Alzado gets to deliver a few one-liners which were a little humorous and lightened the mood a bit and the man would make the perfect killer with being so large and imposing. The only thing that stops this movie from being a top-tier horror bonanza is the lack of originality, the setting aside. There are a lot of clichés present and it would have been nice to see director Robert Kirk take a few risks here and there to really put it over the top. As it is, Destroyer is alright but it is a film that nobody remembers an hour after watching it.

2.5 out of 5

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