Pesticides Strike Again – Toxic Zombies (1980)

Released under a few names like Bloodeaters and Forest of Fear, Toxic Zombies which was released in 1980 is not as bad as most make it out to be. Charles McCrann who directed, produced, wrote and starred in the film did make it on the cheap and it is evident in every single scene but one has to give the man credit for making his vision come to life, more so for the fact that it is continually talked about through the years by trash film aficionados.

Cheap or not, there is enough here to keep people watching, especially once the zombies start to kill and these are not the usual voodoo-type undead creatures nor the post-apocalyptic kind, these are just some poor, illegal pot farming hippies who have been trying to evade the law in order to make a few bucks when they are sprayed with a chemical that is highly toxic. While those who allowed it to be sprayed had no idea what it would do, the fact that it turns these hippies into crazy, flesh-eating monsters is not an outcome that most sane people would have thought of. Be that as it may, once the spray gets into their systems, they are on the hunt for their next meal and that just so happens to be human flesh.

As for the bad, it is quite prevalent throughout as McCrann was not the greatest script-writer and those who star within are not the best of actors. When it comes to the plot, it hums along smoothly until the zombies show up and then it just sort of meanders along while the walking dead kill to their un-beating heart’s content. The special effects are terrible but it is something people should have expected within the first fifteen minutes or so of the film when they noticed it was not a big-screen spectacle and while there is some blood and about two seconds of nudity, the film probably could have used more of both to really secure itself as a cult favourite.

All of that being said, somehow the entire affair manages to keep one’s attention, whether it is to see if anyone survives or to see just how it is these zombies will be defeated but be that as it may, it is to a point, entertaining. As far as zombie movies go, Toxic Zombies is not the worst one will ever see. Yes, it is bad but on the same note, it is also, in a way, sort of good.

2 out of 5

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