Issue by Issue – Supernatural Thrillers #1

Writer – Roy Thomas
Artist – Marie Severin
Inker – Frank Giacoia

Adapted from Theodore Sturgeon’s “It!,” Roy Thomas, Marie Severin and Frank Giacoia present a tale packed with horror and mystery for the first issue of Supernatural Thrillers. It begins with a pile of muck, deep in the woods, gaining sentience, a consciousness that finds it curious more than anything else. When it comes upon something, it destroys it, not knowing whether to do so or not, only that it needs to know. So it is that when it comes across a dog, it kills the poor animal and tears it apart, wanting to see how it functions. Soon, when the owner of the dog comes along, it kills him too. The monster preferred the feel of living blood, it being so much better than that from the green but it was not a question of liking or disliking, merely interest. When Alton does not come home, his brother Cory sets out the next day to find him, preceded by his daughter Babe who loves her Uncle Alton and does not want to see the two men fight as it sometimes happens. So it is that Babe goes to play in the woods, unaware of the danger she faces as the creature wanders, its curiosity not yet sated. Soon the two come into contact and while Cory tracks the monster, never having discovered it as of yet, when it finally grabs ahold of Babe and she is screaming as if her life depended on it, he knows what is happening. Thankfully for Babe the creature puts her down for minute, her lunchbox diverting it’s attention and whether it was fate or sheer luck, she manages to knock the being into the pool of water nearby where it eventually erodes to be no more and a skeleton of a man who had died many years previous. Thomas writes a fantastic tale that pulses with horror and excites the reader to no end for while the monster in this book is simple-minded and has no complex intelligence, that makes the creature even more dangerous for it knows not what it does. It cannot tell the difference between good and bad, does not know that killing is wrong, of what the consequences might be. All the thing knows is that it wants to know, it is curious and like all newborn things, it needs to examine its surroundings and figure out what they are and how they work. For her part, Severin’s work is incredible and Giacoia helps to make it pop just that little bit extra and one can feel the tension rising on each page throughout the story until that ending when the monster is finally defeated. What makes this even better though and perhaps a little sad, is even after that, the horror would continue for a long time to come, there being no happy ending.

4 out of 5

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