Four Colour Thoughts – Iron Man Vol.6 #1

The Creators – Christopher Cantwell – Writer, CAFU – Artist, Frank D’Armata – Colours, Joe Caramagna – Letters

The Players – Tony Stark (Iron Man), Patsy Walker (Hellcat), Terrax the Tamer, Unicorn, James Rhodes, Wasp (Janet Van Dyne)

The Story – Tony has decided to go back to basics, reset his life and find the man in Iron Man.

The Take – After taking his tech to the limit with Extremis and going even further with his company and the future of robotics, not to mention coming back from death, Tony needs to find himself and he can only do so by simplifying the world around him. No more contracts, no more company, no more fancy suits – the man is taking it all back down to the foundations of who he is or at least who he thought he was and might be again. Whether it was Marvel or Christopher Cantwell who writes this book that decided to strip back Tony Stark, it was a genius move and it is the most refreshing thing to have happened to him in a lot of years. Divesting himself of Stark Industries is but the first step, packing up his flotilla of suits is the second and moving into a much smaller apartment with a stripped-down car and a suit that hearkens back to his first Iron Man armour are just some of the next and necessary ones. Watching Tony do this is like watching the years of Iron Man lore laid bare and pushed to the side, a complicated history that perhaps needed this spring cleaning in order to tell truly great stories once again. No more is he in a relationship with Janet Van Dyne and his friends, if they were really his friends, all want his advice or his help and Tony wants none of that either. He is stepping away almost mid-life crisis-like and he means to make his life easier, even if he is still going to fight all the big bads in the Marvel U. Added to the mix is Patsy Walker, a very welcome addition to the supporting cast and a woman that hopefully sticks around without becoming romantically involved with Tony, something that is not needed as playboy-Tony and relationship-Tony have been seen far too often. As for the artwork, CAFU is doing some of the best pages of his career on the title and hopefully, the man sticks around for a very long time with only the odd fill-in should he need a break. All of this makes for a very exciting book, especially as it introduces a new villain and leaves it all on a cliff-hanger that definitely makes readers want to come back, perhaps more than they ever have in quite some time.

Worth It? – Yes.

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