Issue by Issue – Night Force Vol.2 #12

Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Sergio Cariello
Inker – Rob Leigh
Colours – Lee Loughridge
Letters – John Costanza

The final issue of the second volume of Night Force ends with the Baron finding himself on the Other Side faced with a dilemma. For a long time, he has kept the balance between good and evil, conscience and temptation so that the world might continue on spinning the way that it has for millennia and now in the Garden of Eden he finds himself in danger of being replaced due to the compassion that has slowly entered his heart. Though the story is interesting enough and the cover by Gene Colan being a welcome return, writer Marv Wolfman still keeps readers in the dark to a great many things, being vague for the sake of being vague and offering up little in the way of answers. What of the Baron’s fate as the Thirteenth Man? How was he able to avoid what was supposed to be a certainty? What of the strange woman who made an appearance in the last issue and who appears here now? What is her connection to Baron Winters and Merlin and all that transpires? There also seems to be far more to her than meets the eye as she is revealed to be a possible replacement for the Baron should he be unable to come to a decision on his role in the universe, the most interesting facet being she has a cat of her own named Morgana. Much of the book is simply spent watching the Baron converse with Lucifer or the Snake as Wolfman refers to him here which is quite apt as he appears as just that. What is very frustrating is the fact that it all ends on a cliff-hanger of sorts, much like the Sopranos did in their series finale and it resolves nothing, clears up nothing and makes it feel as if reading this series was simply a waste of time. While it did start out well enough, as it would go on it would become both confusing and bizarre with few high notes to really keep the reader’s interest. If Wolfman had a plan beyond this issue, it would hopefully include making things a little more reader-friendly, finally getting to the bottom of things and revealing some of the mysteries he only alluded to. As a whole, the second volume of Night Force was a let-down compared to the first volume that came out years previous to this though one does have to wonder if it would have gotten better should it have been able to continue.

2 out of 5

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