One and Done – Bug #1

Todd Dezago – Writer
Derec Aucoin – Artist
Rich Faber, Ralph Cabrera – Inkers
Kevin Somers – Colours
Richard Starkings and Comicraft/KS – Letters

Despite being almost double in length, Bug reads fairly quick as writer Todd Dezago and artist Derec Aucoin take the titular hero on a journey through the Marvel Universe and many of its key moments. It all begins when the laboratories of the Fantastic Four suddenly appear in the Negative Zone which immediately finds Annihilus all over them like bees to honey. Annihilus wants the power to travel through time and space, something he knows is within and though he does manage to get it within his Cosmic Control Rod, it also sucks him within a strange portal, a portal that opens up within the Microverse as well, sucking the freedom fighter named Bug in too. What follows is a lot of fun as the two characters battle back and forth, neither one of them really gaining any advantage over the other until Bug finally outwits Annihilus and manages to get them home. Before that happens though, readers are taken on a journey with the two as they jump through time appearing moments before Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, when Bruce Banner is exposed to gamma rays, when Frank Castle’s family is murdered in Central Park and more. Dezago has a good feel for Bug and what makes him tick, his speech patterns fully intact and his humour at the situation no matter how grim keeping it light and filled with humour. Aucoin’s pencils are slick and definitely have that mid-nineties appeal but they hold up well and look better than most did at the time. The creative team plays it fast and loose with those historic moments and given the involvement of Bug and Annihilus, it makes readers wonder whether they would have taken place if not for them. Padding out the book and doing so in a good way are some fun and games courtesy of Fred Hembeck whose work is always a joy to experience and while it does not add anything to the main story, it is all seems quite natural given Bug’s fun-loving nature. Altogether, this one and done story featuring Bug would feature a lot of cameos including Marionette and Arcturus Rann and fully entertain its audience from the first page to the last.

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