Issue by Issue – Arak: Son of Thunder #44

Writer – Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artist – Tony DeZuniga
Colours – Adrienne Roy
Letters – L. Lois Buhalis

Narrated by Re-Îs Hazz, Captain Lucky to most, the book finds Arak and the rest of the crew still at sea with Malagigi gravely ill. Thankfully Arak has come into his own as a shaman and that the old wizard is somewhat strong of will for he soon comes back to his own and just in time as they come upon land in the distance. The island might be a strange one with strange gods but Captain Lucky assuages the fears of those who travel with him especially as they land amongst twenty other ships with not a soul in sight. It is not long before the companions find themselves under attack with Satyricus partially at fault for running ahead thinking there would be food to eat. So it is that Captain Lucky who thought everything would be fine, proclaiming that there was honour among the sailors who came ashore to this island, was in fact wrong as his enemies laid an ambush for him, taking the lot of them prisoner in order that a mad priest might sacrifice them to his god. Written by Roy and Dann Thomas with Tony DeZuniga laying down some incredible artwork once again, they up the ante and send the action into overdrive during the final act of the story as the priest is a worshipper of Shiva, the god of destruction and death. With the bones of countless sailors around them, Arak knows that they may not make it out alive, especially as the priest turns against those that had been supplying him with sacrifices, transforming into a monstrous version of the god himself. With only Arak managing to get himself free with a little teamwork, it is up to the Son of Thunder to make sure that he and his friends do not end up as just another pile of bones for some ancient deity and the battle that ensues is a thing of beauty thanks to DeZuniga. What also makes for great reading is the resiliency and cunning of Satyricus who manages to also free himself, rushing to the aid of those he loves most, only to find them already free and clear of danger. Once again, this was an excellent story that sits among the best in the series where the narration worked perfectly and the artwork was truly exceptional making readers eager to see what happens come the next issue.

4.5 out of 5

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