Issue by Issue – Night Force Vol.2 #10

Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Matt Smith
Inker – Steve Mitchell
Colours – Lee Loughridge
Letters – John Costanza

The book opens up with a look at a man named Norman White, a successful and handsome man who seemingly has it all and who everyone wants to be associated with. Marv Wolfman then goes to show readers that he is not quite what he seems and with this book being about horror and all, Norman turns out to be far from normal. As it delves into his origin, showing how he was bullied as a child and how he overcame it, it is discovered that he can no longer feel pain, in fact, he can no longer feel anything and now he wishes to undo those mistakes which led him to his present condition. Elsewhere, Baron Winters is looking to solve the case of the eleventh man, one Richard Nixon who houses all the souls rejected from heaven and hell. He needs to do this for he is prophesized to be the thirteenth man and there is nothing he wants less in the world than to lose his own soul and driven mad as his mortal shell becomes the housing for millions of others. He has enlisted some help in order to do so though they would much rather be doing something else, not caring in the slightest if Winters ends up like Nixon but they know that gaining favour from Winters is worth quite a lot and thus the current situation. The book then alternates between the two stories though just where it is leading is unknown, though if one had to guess it is because Norman may very well be the twelfth man whom Winters and company are looking for. All in all, there was not a whole lot of anything really going on to further the main story as much of the book was focused upon Norman and his back-story. Perhaps he is relevant to the current story arc and perhaps not, though how it all ties together has yet to be seen. As for horror, there was a little that was touched upon but it could have been so much more if Wolfman had chosen to do as such. Altogether, this was an okay issue.

2.5 out of 5

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