Four Colour Thoughts – We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #1

The Creators – Al Ewing – Writer, Simone Di Meo – Artist, Mariasara Miotti – Colours, AndWorld Designs – Letters

The Players – Georges Malik, Ella Hauer, Alice Wirth, Jason Hauer, Paula Richter

The Story – Gods die and when they do, every single part of them is claimed and mined by crews looking to make a living.

The Take – Al Ewing steps away from Marvel with this creator-owned book and he does not do so with his usual humour nor with the horror he has been perpetuating in the Immortal Hulk, instead delivering some straight-up science-fiction that so far, fascinates its readers. The book begins in the past and quickly jumps forward in time to find a fleet of ships looking to harvest what they can off of what they perceive to be a god. It is a gigantic, armoured humanoid which artist Simone Di Meo illustrates perfectly, making it awe-inspiring to both readers and those looking to stake their claim. Ewing lays out this new world carefully, building it panel by panel by revealing what it is like to be one of these futuristic miners who scavenge for meat and tech on the bodies of these gods. Georges Malik who is the lead character in this tale and who is or was a criminal and/or whose parents were criminals and thus is under more scrutiny than others is just looking to do his job or so it seems which means running his crew like a well-oiled machine. Over the course of the last few pages of the book, after a looter is looking to make good and is killed for it, Georges is told to be ready for inspection when they arrive back home and yet when they enter warp where listening devices are unable to work, that is when Georges master plan is revealed and where the story leaves off on a cliff-hanger. The book itself runs along at a good pace and it is soon over before one knows it, perhaps the only negative to be found as more is wanted almost immediately and while all of this ‘mining’ is going on, Ewing and Di Meo manage to flesh out a few of their main players as well as the world they inhabit making for a very engaging experience. What will be interesting going forward is seeing where the creators of this tale take the book as there is obviously a lot to explore, both character-wise and the universe that they live in. Who are these dead gods and are they gods or simply men and are they truly as large as they seem or are Georges and his race of people micro-sized? Why is Georges under a microscope as it were and what is the history between him and Paula? There are a lot of questions that need answering and for those that know Ewing and his writing, they can be sure that getting them is going to be a lot of fun.

Worth It? – Yes.

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