Issue by Issue – The Human Fly #8

Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Frank Robbins
Inker – New York Tribe
Colours – Mary Titus
Letters – Joe Rosen

The Human Fly has done a lot for disabled kids and on this day, he is doing more by performing yet another stunt that finds him on a skateboard in front of the museum, enhanced by some little rocket boosters that will take him over a course that should not be possible. Of course, the Fly makes it look easy even though the opposite is true and the smiles of the children are payment enough for what he does. Harmony White, while thanking him in one panel, is up to her old tricks in order that she keeps her job and tries to out his identity in another. It must be a little confusing to the Fly, but there is no time for that as shots are heard from within the museum and while he tries to ignore what is going on, the man cannot help but get involved just in case there are innocents in danger. Bill Mantlo who pens this tale also introduces the villain of the story, one Copperhead by name who is looking to get his hands on a giant urn within the museum and another young man who is more than he seems in Hector Ayala, better known as the White Tiger. This then leads to many things including the police mistaking Hector for the bad guy after discovering the body of the man Copperhead just killed as well, a transformation into the White Tiger who goes after the real villain and the Fly springing into action even though he knows he could get himself hurt or killed in the process like any normal man. When all of the players in this story meet up, penciller Frank Robbins makes it look as exciting as possible and it soon finds The Human Fly in over his head as he is no match for Copperhead’s great strength. So it is that it all comes down to the White Tiger who must stop the villain and yet, as the book ends, it finds him at Copperhead’s mercy after being knocked unconscious by a couple of well-shot darts. All of this including the children trapped with the giant urn who now find themselves in danger of being drowned due to flooding waters makes this issue both action-packed and highly enjoyable. Leaving things off on a cliff-hanger, Mantlo knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats and he does so with an additional tease of Daredevil appearing in the next book which is a good thing as the heroes will need all the help they can get.

4 out of 5

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