Issue by Issue – Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld #8

Writer – Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn
Artist – Ernie Colón
Colours – Tom Ziuko
Letters – John Costanza

Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn and Ernie Colón begin the book with destruction as the Emissaries of Varn destroy the Diamond Citadel and all the priests who reside within.  Being one of the stronger houses in Gemworld, it is surprising that they were able to do so little to protect themselves, but then those of Varn are not of the Gemworld and thus an unknown quantity.  When the deed is done, those of Varn meet up with Dark Opal to whom they give the Diamond Stone, one of twelve representing the various houses in the realm and adding to his already considerable power.  The book also sees Amethyst spending time with Prince Topaz, a man without a kingdom now that his sister has killed his father and rules in his place, her featly to Opal and all that comes with it.  Readers are soon made privy to the origins of Gemworld, a place that was founded by Citrina many years previous as she and the rest of the magical beings of the Earth were forced to leave and take refuge elsewhere.  This telling not only provides an origin story, but it shows how powerful Citrina once was and while her magic might have faded over the years so that she is no longer what she once was, she is not one to take lightly as she more than likely still has more than enough in her to deal with any foe.  The rest of the book is packed with action as Amethyst and those who have joined her cause in Lord Moonstone, Lord Garnet, Lady Turquoise and Prince Topaz go in search of allies, first to the Diamond kingdom where they discover the damage and destruction there, unsure of how such a thing was possible and then to those of the Ruby, a kingdom that was razed by Lord Opal many moons ago as penance for opposition.  Once a powerful house, Ruby is not what it was but Amethyst needs as many houses to join her as possible if Dark Opal is to be defeated.  Before much is discussed though, the three Emissaries of Varn arrive, the Ruby kingdom next on their list and pitched battle ensues with the companions making little headway against the aliens.  Cohn and Mishkin leave the book on a cliff-hanger as someone they never expected returns to possibly save the day as Colón’s excellent pencils end for the moment, at least until the next issue.

4 out of 5

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