Issue by Issue – Night Force Vol.2 #7

Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Shawn Martinbrough
Inker – John Lowe
Colours – Lee Loughridge
Letters – John Costanza

Jack Gold and his ex-wife Vanessa Van Helsing have been thrust back into the past in order to find out where the bad dreams are coming from that are killing people. Along the way, as they do so, they also manage to find out some things about themselves which continues to tie into the previous iteration of the series that debuted many years past. Vanessa is a psychic and a powerful one at that and readers learn that her powers are what finally drove Jack away from her, that in the end, though he might have loved her, he was also scared of her and what she might do, that she might kill him because her control over those powers was not absolute. With this revelation, readers learn a lot about the two characters and while it opens up some powerful wounds, it also heals them and brings the two people closer to each other. This also ties into the current problem at hand of the old man named Albertus Magnus who uses fear to survive and has done so for over seven hundred years. With a team of psi-ops at his command, he has been mining people’s dreams for their fear and the psychic residue from them for a very long time and as he gets closer to death, the more of it he needs. The cannibal killer is a creature who unknowingly has psychic powers and thus is the perfect victim for Magnus, as is Vanessa and there are even more stunning revelations made courtesy of writer Marv Wolfman involving all of the parties present that makes this particular and final chapter in this story such a good one. If there are any complaints to be made, it is that Wolfman still gets to things in such a long and roundabout way but Dreamers of Dreams has been one of his best tales yet, as it not only brought back fan-favourite characters to the book but also featured a great deal of horror and revealed more about the Baron than any previous story in this title has done previously and all of it with him barely factoring into the book at all. The last page alone gives readers a delicious nugget to chew on, though whether it pays off or leads anywhere is one thing and yet hopefully, for readers, it does.

4 out of 5

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